1. Content

Prioritise digital growth above linear ratings

A central goal of the Future4 strategy is to double All 4 viewing by 2025. To achieve this, we are dialling up our ambitions for All 4 and doubling down on the types of programmes that we know people love to binge on demand.

2. Viewers

Put viewers at the heart of our decision-making

Viewers’ expectations are changing in a digital world. They expect Channel 4 to know how they watch, where they watch and why they watch. They expect more content, communications and experiences based on their motivations – not just their demographics.

3. Commercial

Diversify new revenue streams to underpin our sustainability

We have clear commercial targets as part of the Future4 strategy: digital advertising to be at least 30% of total revenue and non-advertising to be at least 10% of total revenue by 2025.

4. Partnerships

Focus on strategic partnerships to compete more effectively

Channel 4 has partnership in its DNA and our success is built upon working with other organisations – existing partnerships include Snapchat, TikTok and YouTube among others – and these will become even more important in the future.