Investing in innovation

Channel 4’s commitment to innovation extends across the full range of its creative output on the main channel and digital platforms – spanning all genres, the scope and geographical spread of its supplier base, and the diversity of voices and perspectives in its content.

Investing in innovation (PDF 816KB)
£662m total content spend
£489m original content spend
£186m invested in content in the Nations and Regions
915m programme views on demand

Making an impact

Channel 4 is unique: it's a mass-market TV channel that reaches large audiences while also appealing to under-served groups that other PSBs struggle to connect with.

It does this with alternative and distinctive content that takes risks, challenges preconceptions and inspires change. To measure Channel 4’s impact, we look at viewing across different audience groups as well as the public value achieved by delivering its remit.

Making an impact (PDF 1.3MB)
10.2% viewing share across the portfolio
Our reputational trackers show that Channel 4 has maintained its lead against other PSBs